Happy Wheels Hacked

Happy Wheels HackedThere you go guys, here you can enjoy hacked version of Happy Wheels game. Generally speaking in this mod you are immortal, despite all the damage that you take and all the obstacles you encounter you don’t lose any of your body parts and you are able to continue your way through map.

You still have to be careful because if you will fall into some hole or trap and you wont be able to escape it you will have to restart map and start all over again. With that being told, do your best to avoid falling in traps.

Some people refer to this mod as Godmode and many people ask us if there is full version of the game available in hacked mode, I’m afraid there is only hacked demo version of the game, it looks like game developers don’t want us to have some fun in full version. I kinda agree with them, game is always lot more entertaining and enjoyable when there is challenge and obstacles, if everything comes easily in your way where is fun in that right?

Enjoy mind blowing racing carnage with a ragdoll physics in Happy Wheels Demo and survive each level of the game |