Learn to Fly 2

Learn to Fly 2When it comes to similar games like Happy Wheels first thing what comes to mind is Learn to Fly 2. I know there are some BIG differences, but still if you enjoy such games you will find it very interesting as well.

In this game you can upgrade your penguin, you can get rocket engine, you can get wings and other important stuff. With a help of these upgrades you will be able to complete your objective, which is – fly as far as you can & and fly as high as you can.

Story line is funny as well, main character reads on wikipedia that penguins can’t fly, he gets upset and decides to prove everybody wrong, he starts building trampoline, different gadgets to improve his flying capacities and this is where you start playing. You have objective to help penguin achieve his dream – FLYING.

Main aspect of this game is its upgrade system. There are so many different tools available and it is really interesting, exploring new options, buying those upgrades and achieving better results.

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